Hospice Care

Transitions HospiceCare’s team approach provides care and comfort, not just for patients, but for families. The goal of our team is to provide the greatest comfort and quality of life possible, rather than a cure, wherever you call home. Consider Transitions HospiceCare when you become aware that you’re no longer seeking curative treatment and you seek to be comfortable and experience quality of life. The earlier we begin discussing your needs and wishes for the time that remains, the more we can do to help you and your family.


Patients who elect hospice care have chosen a comfort-directed plan of care focused on quality of life and symptom management, rather than on curative treatment. Having a conversation with your doctor is the best place to start so we can begin the conversation.

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Hospice Home

At Transitions HospiceCare we strive to help patients and families remain in their homes. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons it is not always possible for patients to continue their hospice care at home. The William M. Dunlap Center for Caring (Hospice Home) offers three levels of care: general inpatient, short-stay routine, and respite.

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