Why I Am An Organ Donor

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Charlie’s stepson Anthony “Ryan” Hilliard had been shot. Following an agonizing trip to the hospital many miles from their home, Charlie and his wife Tonya learned Ryan was braindead. Even before Charlie and Tonya made the painful decision to take him off life support, organ donation volunteers asked if they planned to donate Ryan’s organs before he was removed from life support. At this point, Charlie and Tonya were still trying to process the phone call, the drive to the hospital, and the reality that Ryan was braindead and would not survive.

This was certainly a tough time to be schooled on organ donation; however, acknowledging that others could benefit, and this is a difficult yet necessary topic to consider prompted Charlie to share his experience with others.

What followed was comforting news that a grandfather could play with his grandchildren, that a mother could see her child graduate from college – all as a result of the donation of Ryan’s organs. Consider what someone’s organ donation could mean to your family, or even to you.

For more information, visit Donate Life NC’s website.

Charlie High created High Society After Care and Consulting out of his passion for sharing important information BEFORE we need to know. With our days left, Charlie believes we should start kindness and stop disrespect. He is currently alive and striving to be the best he can be. Subscribe to Charlie’s YouTube series here.

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