Transitions LifeCare’s board announces CEO John Thoma’s 2022 retirement and successor

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Since its founding as Hospice of Wake County in 1979, Transitions LifeCare has been blessed to care for an ever-increasing number of families, with an expanding line of services, across a growing geographic region.

Executive John Thoma, CEO
John Thoma

These accomplishments did not happen overnight or without thoughtful leadership. Directed by a volunteer board of directors, Transitions LifeCare continues to evolve and grow. Change is not possible without strong leadership, and change is vital to keeping an organization not only viable, but successful. Since 1991 when he first came to Hospice of Wake County as director of accounting and information systems, John Thoma has worked tirelessly to ensure our patients and their families are treated with compassion, that our staff is recognized for their dedication, and that the industry is advanced with legislative changes and payor improvements.

At our July board of directors meeting, John announced and we approved his plan for retirement effective June 24, 2022, which coincides with his 68th birthday. This request from John did not come without several years of planning, and our approval did not come without emotions – appreciation and sadness mixed together.

The process of identifying John’s successor began many years ago. One of the board’s responsibilities is to ensure Transitions LifeCare has a strong and viable succession plan for each member of the executive team. Continuity and commitment to the mission, vision, and values of the organization are paramount. It is the board’s responsibility – one we do not take lightly – to hire John’s successor in a timely fashion to assure business continuity. Therefore, a CEO Transition Committee worked specifically to identify and hire a CEO who will, like John, embody the compassionate patient care, financial stability, and innovation & mission of Transitions LifeCare as well as ensure we are positioned to continue to thrive in this market.

Executive Dr. Laura Patel, Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Laura Patel

A rigorous and diligent process and assessment was undertaken, with findings reported back to the board. The outcome of this hard work is that we are pleased to announce Dr. Laura Patel will assume the role of CEO upon John’s retirement in 2022.

Dr. Patel currently serves as Transitions LifeCare’s Chief Medical Officer, a role she will continue to grow as she steps into the role of Chief Executive Officer. In the coming months, John and Dr. Patel will continue working together through the CEO transition plan and we will share updates along the way.

On behalf of Transitions LifeCare’s board of directors, I wish you good health and well-being.

Nicholas “Nick” Kenny, PhD
President, Transitions LifeCare’s Board of Directors

We encourage you to share your thoughts, photos, encouragement, and well wishes for John here.

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