The Yeargan Charitable Foundation Announces $1,000,000 Gift to the Transitions Kids Program

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transitions kids logoPolly Yeargan Hardie, through The Yeargan Charitable Foundation, is pleased to announce a gift of $1,000,000 to support Transitions Kids, the pediatric hospice, palliative care and bereavement program at Transitions LifeCare. Transitions LifeCare provides care for individuals and families as they navigate the end of life or life-changing illness; however, until 2015 there was a dearth of similar services available for infants and children. Pediatric care is especially expensive and insurance reimbursements are extremely limited, making philanthropic gifts the primary means available to provide services for children.

“As a mother of four young children, the idea of pediatric palliative care immediately resonated with me. Transitions LifeCare had identified a need in the community and was eager to work with us to bring the program to fruition. The Yeargan Foundation was interested in underwriting this program in 2015 and we began discussions not long afterwards about making a major gift to get this program underway. Within six months of making our initial investment, the Transitions Kids program was a reality! I was extremely impressed with how quickly the program was brought online,” said Polly Hardie.

Thanks to ongoing community support, the Transitions Kids program has been able to serve 275 children in hospice and palliative care and 194 families with bereavement support since its beginning. Hardie shares, “Transitions Kids is easily one of the most fulfilling endeavors with which our foundation has been involved. It is also the best stewarded relationship we have thanks to the work of the Transitions Kids Team, who continually keep us informed of the program’s development and successes. We have been extremely pleased with our dealings with Transitions LifeCare and look forward to continuing to grow our relationship.”

About Transitions LifeCare:
Transitions LifeCare was founded as Hospice of Wake County in 1979. Providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care to those living with an advanced illness, their caregivers, and those who have lost a loved one regardless of age, race, religion, or financial circumstances, we are guided by community-based boards of directors and supported by a dedicated professional staff that provides compassionate care that allows patients to enjoy every moment of their lives to the fullest.

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