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Our grief support groups provide a safe place for you to explore and express your grief in a way that is comfortable and healing for you. Talking about grief with others who are also coping with the death of a loved one often helps reduce feelings of isolation and of not being understood.

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Our professional staff provides short-term counseling, support groups, workshops, and other services designed to compassionately meet your needs. Groups offer an opportunity for people to connect with others who “get it.”

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Transitions GriefCare Adult FAQ

Yes. You can expect a phone call from Transitions GriefCare staff approximately 3-4 weeks after the death of your loved one. We understand that in the first few weeks, you may be tending to memorial services, paperwork, or estate matters and may not be ready to talk about grief support. However, you may call us prior to the 3-4 week mark if you are interested in learning about grief support sooner. We can be reached at 919.719.7199. When you speak with TGC, we will provide you with more information around our services and help guide you to the most appropriate support for you.

No. Our services are a part of the hospice benefit and are free of charge. You will not be billed through insurance. Your voluntary donation (designate Grief Care Fund) to Transitions LifeCare is welcome.

Transitions GriefCare services are intended for those who have experienced a death-related loss. We encourage families to speak with their social worker and/or chaplain to explore supportive care while your loved one is on hospice or palliative care. These team members are uniquely trained to provide resources, guidance, and support around anticipatory grief.

Yes. Transitions GriefCare provides short-term individual counseling to those whose loved one died on Transitions HospiceCare or Transitions PalliativeCare services. Counseling is offered via telehealth or in-person.

Yes. Transitions GriefCare provides an array of bereavement support options, including an ongoing grief education series entitled Conversations on Grief, Expressive Arts offerings, Mindfulness Meditation groups, other various workshops (writing, book discussions, yoga therapy), assistance in finding other resources, and loss-specific support groups when capacity allows.

The Grief Center is open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm. All visits and counseling sessions are by appointment. We do our best to return all calls made to Transitions GriefCare (919.719.7199) within 24 business hours. Please note that our services are not intended for emergencies. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call The Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. The Lifeline provides 24/7 free and confidential support to those experiencing mental health emergencies.

We recognize that it is really difficult to watch someone grieve and you may want to offer tangible support to your friend or loved one. The decision to engage in grief support is a very personal one, and folks may be ready for support at different times.  Experience has shown us that counseling is most effective when a client self-refers. To that end, all Transitions GriefCare services are offered by self-referral. The best way to get your friend or loved one connected is to provide them with our phone number and encourage them to call when they feel ready: 919.719.7199.

To make our groups most accessible to the eight counties we serve, the majority of our groups are offered virtually.  We offer grief education sessions, mindfulness, expressive arts groups, and various workshops.  Twice a year, TGC offers loss-specific support groups. Loss-specific support groups meet consecutively for several weeks and are “closed” groups. That is, once the group forms, we do not allow new members to join. This allows the group to dig a little deeper rather than having to re-share their story as new members arrive. If interested in any of these offerings including a loss-specific group, please call 919.719.7199 to register or be added to a wait list.

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We also appreciate donations of time – check out more about becoming a bereavement volunteer.

Our grief support services are provided at no cost, and donations of money are always welcome. Donate HERE.

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