How Seniors Can Benefit from Telehealth

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man with cellphone telehealthTelehealth may have seemed like a foreign concept not so long ago. But, in the last several years, its popularity has grown tremendously. Now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, telemedicine has become more important than ever – especially for seniors. Not only is it a great option for keeping patients and doctors safe, but many people are starting to see just how convenient it can be.

While some seniors might be hesitant to look into telehealth, it’s become very easy to get started. There are even telehealth tutorials online that can walk you through everything from virtual appointments to patient portals your physician might use.

If you’re still not convinced telehealth is right for you or a senior you care for, let’s cover a few benefits.

Telehealth Provides Accessibility

It’s no surprise that seniors regularly face different health-related issues than younger people. Some of the common struggles older individuals face are:

  • High health risks
  • Mobility issues
  • Inability to drive or find a ride somewhere
  • Financial problems

Telehealth helps to combat almost all of those issues. It has changed the healthcare industry by offering affordability and accessibility to people who may not be able to regularly see a physician otherwise. The cost savings alone for telemedicine range from $19-$120 per visit. For a senior on a fixed income, that can make a big difference.

For seniors who have mobility problems or trouble driving, being able to stay home and receive care is also a game-changer, and it can also ensure everyone stays healthy and reduces the risk of spreading illnesses.

Telehealth also gives regular access to individuals who might live in a more remote or rural area. In some places, driving over an hour to go to the doctor just isn’t feasible. Seeing a doctor virtually means both the patient and physician can connect from anywhere in the world.

Personal Attention You Deserve

Another benefit of telehealth is the knowledge that you’ll get the personal attention you really want. You won’t be waiting in a crowded room with other people who are anxious about their appointments. There are fewer distractions, so you can enjoy that one-on-one time with your doctor and express any concerns you might have.

If you’re a caregiver of an elderly individual, you can also use that time to discuss plans and needs, including services like hospice care in the home. Some people are more comfortable opening up at home than in a doctor’s office. So, whether you’re a caregiver or a patient, you can use the time effectively to confide in your physician on your time.

The direct care approach doesn’t stop when the virtual appointment is over. Many doctors use their own online portals to help patients see their medical history, medication, and more. Your doctor can directly email you or add things to the portal at any time for additional care and attention.

Telehealth has already proven to be a promising platform for seniors. It shows no signs of slowing down and is likely to become even more advanced as technology continues to move forward.

-by Luke Smith

Luke Smith is a writer and researcher turned blogger. Since finishing college, he is trying his hand at being a freelance writer. He enjoys writing on a variety of topics but health and wellness topics are his favorite. When he isn’t writing you can find him traveling, hiking, or gaming.

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