Don’t Forget to Call

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woman talking on phoneMy mother had a gift for writing poems. Through the years she would write them to share with family and friends for special occasions or “just because.”

I lost my mom last year, along with my aunt and two friends. Some were COVID related, some were not. One of my mom’s poems immediately came to mind when one friend died. We had begun meeting for lunch once a month with a group of other friends. But then lives got busy and months went by. It had been six months or more since we last met when I learned of this friend’s death. One of my mom’s poems immediately came to mind. She had written it about a similar experience.

Don’t Forget to Call

By Terese Heckenstaller

What was it Mary Louise said to me
When I met her at the mall?
“Why don’t we have lunch sometime?
Don’t forget to call.”

Maybe on Sunday after church
When the cooking chores are done.
Oh, no, the Steelers game is on
And the family will all come.

I bowl on Monday night
And I get home at ten.
But Cagney and Lacey are on TV
So I can’t call her then.

Tuesday is bingo night
And Wednesday is the Christmas bazaar.
No sense calling her Thursday,
My son will have the car.

Thank goodness it is Saturday
And a busy week has passed.
I hurry to the telephone
And call my friend at last!

A quiet voice answers the telephone,
Not Mary’s voice at all.
She says, “My mother died last night,
But thank you for your call!”

This past year-and-a-half has given many of us a time for reflection–to recognize what is truly important in life and the value of connection. Life is too short. Don’t regret not sending that letter or email message or making that call.

-Ginny Rowe

Ginny is a volunteer coordinator with Transitions LifeCare

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